Iran arrests another 7 linked to Wednesday twin terrorist attacks

From January to March 2017 “we dismantled 45 cells, while in the past two-and-a-half months alone we have dismantled more than 25 terrorist cells”, he said.Four armed assailants attacked parliament office buildings on Wednesday morning, while the shrine of revolutionary founder Ruhollah Khomeini was struck by a suicide bomber, state media reported.”Especially when we see the United States position and the Senate sanctions bill [the same day as the terrorist attacks on Tehran which killed 17 people], all their objectives are revealed”, Larijani said, adding “the enemy’s strategy is to damage Iran’s dignity and busy our authorities with side issues”.He added that the mastermind of the operation, who had fled the country, was killed by Iranian security forces with help from friendly intelligence services.This is especially concerning since American Senators described Iran as the main supporter of terrorism, and the recent Tehran attacks proved Iran is tasting its own medicine.”The commander of this terrorist group was based in the border regions, but after the attacks left the country”, Alavi was quoted as saying by state broadcaster IRIB on Sunday.On Thursday, the Intelligence Ministry released the pictures and first names of perpetrators of the attacks identifying the five gunmen as Qayyoum, Abu Jihad, Ramin, Serias, and Fereydoun, without announcing their surnames.An Iranian journalist claimed on Twitter that a woman arrested by authorities was a mastermind behind the attacks.Iranian investigators are reportedly looking into Iranian Kurds who are associated with ISIS as possible suspects of the attack, The Washington Examiner reported.“We possess documents and information showing the direct supports by the U.S. imperialism for this highly disgusting stream [IS] in the region which has destroyed the Islamic countries and created a wave of massacres and clashes, ” Fars news agency quoted Izadi as saying.”We grieve and pray for the innocent victims of the terrorist attacks in Iran, and for the Iranian people, who are going through such challenging times”, the statement said.In 1981, a bomb planted by an Iranian opposition group in Tehran killed 27 Iranian members of parliament and dozens of other officials.