Is abortion law constitutional?

On Thursday, the Center for Reproductive Rights and Planned Parenthood Federation of America filed a lawsuit challenging a Texas law that bans a common abortion procedure. There are similar bans that are in effect in West Virginia and Mississippi.Texas Republicans have been undeterred in pursuing new rules on abortion despite losing at the Supreme Court a year ago. The Texas Observer reports that on Thursday, a bill filed during the session, House Bill 86, would strip the medical licenses of doctors who performed abortions. Charles Schwertner, acknowledged in May when the new anti-abortion measures were approved that a court challenge was likely.”Political pressure led to unequal treatment that violated rights of Planned Parenthood when the state attempted to revoke the abortion license at the Columbia clinic”, District Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled in August, but Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster appealed the ruling, sending it back to the federal appeals court.Even more restrictive regulations on abortion are in process in Texas.”The law we challenged today in Texas is part of a nationwide scheme to undermine these constitutional rights and ban abortion one restriction at a time”, said Nancy Northup, the organization’s president and CEO. The law takes effect in September and includes another provision that requires the burial or creation of fetal remains.In January, a federal judge blocked Texas from enforcing a similar fetal-burial rule that had been adopted previous year by state health officials. It involves using instruments as well as suction to clear the uterus of fetal tissue. “Senate Bill 8 protects the dignity and sanctity of life, along with the integrity of the medical profession”, Paxton said in a written statement.The restriction, included in Senate Bill 8’s sweeping abortion regulations that were approved during the closing days of the Legislature’s regular session in May, is set to take effect September 1 and targets so-called dismemberment abortions.Legislation restricting health plan and health benefit plan coverage for abortions. The last ban, as noted by The Austin Chronicle, does not include exceptions in cases of rape or incest. However, other courts have blocked similar laws in Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Alabama.