Jeremy Corbyn gets rock star welcome at Glastonbury Festival

Corbyn was met with the rapturous “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” chant that has been sweeping the nation, which persisted through much of the speech.As far as the staging was concerned, he just borrowed the next band, Run The Jewel’s stage set-up, whom he was touted to introduce, but sadly did not.Holly Maddick, 19, from Buckinghamshire, said: “I think he’s a really cool guy”.Their return brought mixed reactions from the crowd as some festival-goers held up banners in protest against the group’s decision to perform in Tel Aviv.JEREMY CORBYN urged Theresa May to call another general election during a speech to cheering supporters at Glastonbury Festival. “Yes, the £10 an hour living wage, real living wage, is correct and also should apply to all workers, because I don’t think young people eat less than old people – that’s my experience anyway”.Revellers observe a minute of silence, in honour of those affected by recent events in Manchester and London, in front of the Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm in Somerset during the Glastonbury Festival in Britain, June 23, 2017.”It’s very smart to target our age with tuition fees”, said 18-year-old Hannah, who voted for the first time on June 8.”Every indication we have got is there is an bad lot more people that have come to the same conclusion in the two weeks since the election”.Artists appearing at the festival have spoken of their support of Mr Corbyn’s politics, while Friday night’s headliners Radiohead commented during their set: “See you later, Theresa”.But Darren Garrett, from Gillingham in Dorset, took a different view.”As for the guy himself I’m not his biggest fan”.The Labour leader then said a “collective” attitude had succeeded in securing healthcare as a human right in the United Kingdom following the World War I, and suggested that the same pressure be applied to overcome inequality today.Promising the “best performance possible”, Hawkins told the Press Association: “I am so self-deprecating as a performer so I always try to do the best performance I have ever done… so that has even added to that. He got a pint and then “cheersed” everyone”.Jeremy Corbyn has landed at Glastonbury, and the mood is ecstatic. Don’t see them as a threat, don’t see them as an enemy, see them as a source of knowledge, see them as a friend and a source of inspiration.The Solstice bar is run by the Workers Beer Company, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016 and runs bars at events in the United Kingdom and Ireland, including Glastonbury Festival.