Kendrick Lamar Drops Music Video for “ELEMENT”.

The latest video released today for fourth album track Element is at once as gripping and symbolic as Lamar’s previous two efforts. DNA told a more cohesive story, Don Cheadle guest starring in a lie detector interrogation of Lamar.See stills from Kendrick’sELEMENT.” video compared to Gordon Parks’s photos below.There is an urgency of artistry and autobiography in “ELEMENT.” that’s missing from most lyrical narratives, the willingness to lay yourself – the was and the is – on the line.The video is directed by Jonas Lindstroem and The Little Homies – the duo of Lamar and Top Dawg Entertainment President Dave Free. Lamar asks. Yes and no.From a father teaching his son how to hit to burning houses to Lamar punching a man while wearing a t-shirt promoting his new album DAMN. As with Kendrick’s other videos, there’s a lot going on, plenty of visually-arresting images and a lot to unpack, so it definitely requires multiple viewings.