Kevin Durant taking far less than expected to help Warriors

The veteran guard known widely as “Swaggy P” has been recruited by Durant and Warriors forward Draymond Green in recent days. Durant signed with a team that had made it to two consecutive NBA Finals and knew that he could win an NBA title by joining a team that was already there than by working hard to lead a team there. The four-time scoring champion became the linchpin of their efforts on both ends of the court, winning Finals MVP on one of the most efficient scoring performances in National Basketball Association history to deliver Golden State its second championship in three seasons. Instead, Durant will actually earn less than he made in his first season with Golden State. However, Kevin decided that money was not what was important and making things easier on himself was the better way to go.Golden State has agreed to deals with nearly all of its top free agents, with Durant being the notable exception.Prior to the end of the postseason, it was believed Durant would give up whatever was necessary to dole out the contracts for Livingston and Iguodala, but he’s gone even beyond taking a diminished raise of the expected 20 percent raise he was supposed to get.Durant, who is an unrestricted free agent, will possess a player option on the second year, sources say. To help them do this, Kevin agreed to a two-year contract worth $53 million, which is actually $9 million pay cut to help keep the Warriors stronger than most teams in the National Basketball Association.The Warriors still have work to do in bringing back their championship roster.He had the most efficient season of his career as well.