Krauthammer: The great Muslim civil war – and us

In a statement posted to state news agency RIA, the Defense Ministry said: “From the eastern part of the Mediterranean, the frigates “Admiral Essen, ‘ “Admiral Grigorovich” and the submarine “Krasnodar” of the Russian Navy fired six cruise missiles ‘Caliber” on the ISIS targets in Syria”.Strategic Islamic State group command centers, and a large ammunition depot were the primary targets of the strikes, which the press release said “detonated with the precision of a surgeon”.Turkey and Israel were informed of the launches of cruise missiles in a timely manner, the ministry said.The line was established in October 2015 after Russian Federation entered Syria’s civil war to prop up President Bashar al-Assad.Russian warships have fired six missiles on ISIS targets in Syria, state media reports, in Moscow’s latest show of force as its tensions with Washington heighten over the war. It is worth mentioning here that Ambassador Ford (2011-2013 US Ambassador to Syria) broke all diplomatic protocols along with his French counterpart by touring the affected areas and inciting the people against the Syrian government.The US official told CNN that another Syrian Su-22 fighter made an approach Tuesday in what the military assessed as a possible bombing run on the SDF near the same area.After 15 years of unsuccessful war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration is pursuing a policy of “regime change” in Iran that might lead to a third USA ground war in the Middle East since 2001. Hundreds of ISIS terrorists, including top commanders were killed in the attack. Tehran wants to keep USA forces out of the area, while Washington wants to use the region to wage war against Iran’s ally, Syria.This is all adding to a growing sense of concern that the war against ISIS in southern Syria might inevitably escalate to see the USA fighting the Syrian regime as well as Iranian-backed forces. “And of course the vast US Navy and pretty much hundreds of Tomahawks”.Russia, who backs the Syrian government, condemned the action and threatened that any United States or coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates river risked being shot down.The situation in southern province Daraa, bordering Jordan, is no less volatile with the United States and its allies trying to push forward militia- trained in Jordan-into the province to prevent the Syrian army from re claiming it from militant groups.Russian Federation warned Turkey and the Israeli regime about the attacks via military-to-military hotlines, it added.The far has shunned any cooperation with Assad and has partnered instead with local Arab and Kurdish forces in fighting IS.