Lincoln Stamp, Silver Bracelet… What PM Modi Gifted The Trumps

It was the first time the two leaders had met face to face.Washington D.C, June 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid special emphasis on the growing camaraderie between India and the United States even as he addressed the media jointly with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House here on Monday.The two countries also pledged to work together to try to end global terrorism, which India saw as a firm USA commitment to increase its involvement in the region. Both our countries have been struck by the wrongs of fear based oppression and we are both resolved to demolish psychological oppressor associations and the radical belief system that drives them.”We have to say Pakistan stands at the frontlines of the worldwide counter terrorism fight and has been making efforts in this regard”, Lu said in response to the statement in which India and the USA had asked Islamabad to ensure that its soil is not used for cross-border terror.The LeT was blamed for the Mumbai mayhem of November 2008 that killed 166 Indians and foreigners including Americans.In this combo photo, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen hugging various heads of state and VIPs.Modi said battling terror and destroying terrorist hideouts would be an important part of mutual cooperation.”We have to say that Pakistan stands at the frontline of counter-terrorism fight and has been making efforts in this regard. But in April, Trump fired a warning shot by announcing a review of the H-1B visa program under which up to 65,000 skilled workers – many of them computer engineers from India – enter the USA annually”, the article said. “We will destroy radical Islamic terrorism”.U.S. would particpate in largest ever joint navy drill along with India and Japan in July. “He also noted that he looks forward to working even more closely with India on shared regional and global priorities, including North Korea”, Heather said. “We really hope that our concerns on these issues will be taken up at the highest level”, Sharma said.”There is a context to it…” There is a signalling out of it, it is focusing on a particular group and particular individual.In addition to having discussion on defence, digitisation and healthcare, some of the CEOs also raised the issue of ease of doing business and trade barriers.”We had very much converging viewpoint of what is the problem, let us diagnose the problem”.”It is not just an India situation”.”Working together, I truly believe our two countries can set an example for many other nations, make great strides in defeating common threats, and make great progress in unleashing unbelievable prosperity and growth”, Trump said.Following delegation-level talks headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte, India and the Netherlands on Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to combat terrorism and prevent radicalisation that could lead to violent extremism and called for a collective effort by the global community against this scourge.Trump also said little about the Asia-Pacific, though Modi made clear India’s intent to increase cooperation in the region as a check against China’s rising power. He further said next month they will join together with the Japanese navy to take part in the largest maritime exercise ever conducted in the Indian Ocean.Puneet Ahluwalia, who serves on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia, praised India’s surgical strikes and said that every thriving democracy has the right to protect its sovereignty and its people.