London tower toll rises to 79

Police released images inside Grenfell Tower that show the damage caused by the blaze.”As of this morning, I’m afraid to say there are now 79 people that we believe are either dead or missing and I sadly have to presume are dead”, Cmdr.Cladding used on Grenfell Tower blamed for spreading the London blaze is banned in Britain, Finance Minister Philip Hammond says.”I do understand for the people of Grenfell Tower that is no consolation, but if we were to change that advice now and have everyone evacuating through single staircases, it would cause more problems and more injuries”.Two British officials said Sunday that new exterior cladding used in a renovation of Grenfell Tower may have been banned under United Kingdom building regulations. Hands cautioned that officials don’t yet have exact details about the renovation that ended just past year.”However, there may be other people who were in there on the night that others were not aware were there”, he said.Mrs May said: “As we continue to respond to the needs of the community, our focus is on ensuring that all of those affected by this unimaginable tragedy get the right support as quickly as possible”.Commander Stuart Cundy said five victims had been formally identified but would not give further details. He has not provided details about the inquiry. But also a community frustrated and yes angry.London police said Monday there are now 79 people presumed dead from last week’s fire at a public housing building.Minute’s silence for Grenfell Tower victims is held in Dundee.The tribute is held for Grenfell Tower victims.In addition, British health authorities will provide long-term bereavement counseling for those who lost loved ones in the tragedy.Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted that the support for families in the immediate aftermath of the fire “was not good enough”. Anger among residents has been mounting in recent days as information about the missing has been scanty and efforts to find temporary housing have faltered.At a daily briefing with reporters, May’s spokeswoman said that on a second visit to the area, during which the prime minister was booed and heckled, May had listened carefully to the experiences of those on the ground.The first victim formerly identified to the public is 23-year-old Syrian refugee Mohammad Alhajali. Sixteen bodies have been taken to a mortuary for examination.