Mali security minister: 4 jihadis killed in resort attack

At least two people were killed and 30 others rescued on Sunday after gunmen attacked a luxury resort popular with Westerners near Mali’s capital city of Bamako, a source briefed on the investigation told CNN. Security forces who battled the gunmen at the site were continuing Sunday evening to search for the assailants who fled.Two attackers were killed, but it was unclear then whether security forces killed them or whether they blew themselves up, mission spokesman Olivier Salgado said at the time.One of the dead was a woman with dual Malian and French citizenship, the Security Ministry said earlier on Facebook.Mali Security Minister Salif Traore said two people were killed and 10 others were injured.”This was without doubt a terrorist attack”, he told the radio station.The official confirmed that Malian special forces, backed up by French and United Nations soldiers, “have sealed off the area and are in the process of organising operations” against the attackers.A helicopter was circling overhead, he said.Traore added that the militants had some accomplices who had not been killed or detained.So far there was no claim of responsibility.A minister said that 36 hostages were freed after the incident at the Kangaba Le Campement resort on Sunday, majority French and Malian.In 2012 Mali’s north fell under the control of jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaeda who hijacked an ethnic Tuareg-led rebel uprising, though the Islamists were largely ousted by a French-led military operation in January 2013.The attack was later claimed by al-Mourabitoune, a militant group affiliated to Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).Malian security forces backed by French troops deployed to push them out.Witnesses said that Malian and worldwide troops have rushed to the scene.”These are hard and dramatic hours which testify to how European and Africans are brothers and sisters in both the fight against terrorism and in the solidarity of our response to it”, she said.But the force has been resisted by Washington which says the resolution is too vague and believes a simple statement would suffice.French President Emmanuel Macron was informed about the attack and was following the events carefully, according to an official in his office. “Research is underway to find a compatriot reported missing”.Two of the attackers were killed too.”I am exhausted, shocked”. It was not immediately clear what was burning, although jihadists in other attacks have set cars ablaze. “All I want to do is to see the list of my clients”.