Man dies after ramming auto carrying explosives into police convoy in Paris

Investigators have found a stash of weapons at the home of a man killed while ramming a auto loaded with guns and a gas canister into a police van on Paris’s Champs-Elysees, a source close to the probe said today.And just hours before the Champs-Élysées incident, in another suspected terrorist attack, a driver rammed a van into pedestrians exiting a mosque in north London, killing at least one person. When the attacker drove his auto into the police van, he was carrying an assault rifle, two pistols, and ammunition, as well as two large gas canisters.France is under a state of emergency following a string of terror attacks since 2015.There were no injuries or casualties among police officers or passers-bys.Ministry spokesperson Pierre-Henry Brandet said the vehicle, a white Renault Megane, caught fire.Collomb said the man’s vehicle was carrying weapons and explosives that could have caused a blast.”I’ll go back to my hotel now”, said Alexander Ferreira.In April, a man opened fire on officer a police officer on the Champs-Elysees, days before a presidential election, prompting an extensive security operation.Collomb said Monday’s incident shows that France remains at high risk of a terrorist attack.They identified the man as a 31-year-old from the Paris suburb of Argenteuil who had an “S” file, meaning he was flagged for links to extremism.Gendarmes jumped out of the vehicle, ran to the auto, smashed its windows and pulled out the driver in an apparent attempt to save him, according to witness accounts.”You could tell when you saw them in the street that they were very religious”, he said.Witnesses said the suspect’s vehicle “exploded” on impact with the van and that the driver, who has not been named. But both agreed when the mother said, “unfortunately we are now used to this”.Earlier, police advised people to avoid the area, as about 20 police vans and several armed officers surrounded the man on the ground. He also confirmed that the attacker is dead.There has been another attempted terror attack in Paris, the fifth one in the past four months.Imam Mohammed Mahmoud told reporters Monday that he and “other brothers” were able to prevent onlookers from beating up the suspect and held him until police arrived.