‘Mann Ki Baat': Modi recalls Emergency as darkest time

“Towards the end of our meeting, she gracefully showed me a handwoven Khadi handkerchief that was presented to her by Mahatma Gandhi on her wedding”, the Prime Minister said.Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday thanked Donald Trump for the “warm personal welcome” and said that he was looking forward to meeting the US President. Internal security in this country is under jeopardy, why?”There is much to celebrate in our country’s relationship with India, the world’s largest democracy, and in the enormous contributions that Indian-Americans make in our country”, said Congressman David Schweikert. “But the External Affairs Ministry and Sushma Swaraj have set the best example of how a department can be strengthened through its use”, Modi said in his address to the Indian diaspora during a community event in Virginia.Vadakkan also spoke about the situation in Kashmir saying: “The so-called separatists have grown up to be terrorists in the Valley”. We have situation where counterfeit currency is being printed and the case of lynching mobs and romeo squads are emerging.”If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, like the Prime Minister said, why has he remained silent on what is happening with mobs killing Muslims and Dalits in our country in the name of cow protection”.As Modi’s motorcade pulled up in front of the hotel where the Prime Minister will be staying during his three-day visit, the crowd of Indians gathered outside and standing behind a barricade burst into a huge applause and started chanting “Modi, Modi”.”The believers of democracy fought a prolonged war, and the great nation that India is, where the spirit of democracy pervades the very being of all its people, the strength of that spirit was demonstrated when the opportunity of elections came”.On his radio programme, Modi said the “Emergency will be remembered for the way in which people of India came together and safeguarded democratic values”.”Democracy is not only a system”.He asked the students of journalism and political activists to remind themselves of the “dark phase”.At that time, Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also imprisoned and he had penned a poem during that period, he said and recited the couplets written by the BJP stalwart. “When he completed one year in prison, he wrote a poem describing his feelings”, the Prime Minister said.