Michelle Carter found guilty of texting her boyfriend to kill himself

Lynn Roy, mother of Conrad Roy, holds the hand of an unidentified man as she leaves the court house after Michelle Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the texting suicide death of her son in Bristol County Juvenile Court Friday, June 16, 2017, in Taunton, Mass. Carter will be sentenced on August 3, 2017.Juvenile Court Judge Lawrence Moniz found that Michelle Carter caused the death of Conrad Roy III.Conrad Roy was found dead in a Fairhaven Kmart parking lot on July 13.Her lawyer argued Mr Roy had a history of depression and suicide attempts and was determined to end his life.”Sam, his death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him”, she texted Samantha Boardman on September 15, 2014.Roy was apparently having second thoughts about his suicide attempt, but Carter told him to get back into the auto, berating him. In fact, she encouraged him through texting to kill himself multiple times. “Like I don’t get why you aren’t”.Carter, who waived her right to a jury trial, faces up to 20 years in prison.Up to the moment he passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning, Carter was on the telephone with him; when he had doubts and got out of the truck, she ordered him back in.Moniz said she indicated “that she (could) hear him coughing and she (could) hear the loud noise coming through the motor”. Her attorneys said she suffered from a severe eating disorder, in addition to other mental health issues, and that she and Roy had initially bonded over their shared emotional problems. “Just park your auto and sit there and it will take, like, 20 minutes”, she wrote. “I’m done. His family will hate me and I could go to jail”.Reddington predicted that an appeal will be an “uphill battle” because the state’s highest court has already ruled that Carter was “virtually” if not “physically” present at her boyfriend’s suicide through her text messages and phone calls.During their text message conversations in the weeks before Roy’s death, Carter gave Roy advice on how to kill himself. Roy had tried to kill himself as many as four times previously. “She admits in subsequent texts that she did nothing, she did not call the police or Mr. Roy’s family”.Text messages between the two shown in court revealed that Carter, then 17, told Roy to “get back in” the vehicle as it filled with the lethal gas.The parents of the Conrad Roy III, whose then-girlfriend was convicted for his manslaughter after urging him by text to commit suicide, have broken their silence.Roy’s mother speaks out for the first time on television in a “48 Hours” special, “Death by Text”, airing on CBS Friday, June 16, at 8/7c.”This court, having reviewed the evidence, now finds you guilty on the indictment charging you with involuntary manslaughter”, Mr Moniz told the court.Michelle Carter’s actions were deemed wanton and reckless conduct. Carter will be charged as a youthful offender, meaning that despite being a minor at the time of her crime, she is being charged as an adult.”I don’t believe she has a conscience”, Lynn Roy tells Erin Moriarty.