Mitch McConnell says GOP getting ready for Senate health care vote

Republicans have signaled one of the main internal debates focuses on reforms to Medicaid, the health care program for low-income people.Utah Senator Orrin G. Hatch isn’t that sure that a lot of progress was made on the bill, on the other side, declaring that “There’s still a lot of different points of view”.Reports suggest that the GOP has submitted at least some parts of their bill to the CBO to get a preliminary score on some of the more important aspects of the bill.The talk in Washington this morning is that the Republican leadership is down to this – lose two GOP votes and still pass a bill.Most members haven’t seen legislative texts of the bill, but the process itself has been deeply frustrating for some of the conservatives who McConnell may need to convince to pass his bill.Nearly six in ten USA adults said they opposed the House Republican health care bill, according to a poll released Tuesday.Any passed bill will have to return to the House for representatives to give their final stamp of approval to the revised legislation. The Senate bill is shaping up not only to convert Medicaid to a leaner per-capita funding system, but also tie its growth rate to an even slower-growing index than under the House version (the Consumer Price Index for urban consumers, instead of what’s known as CPI-Medical).Liberal activists cheered on social media as Schumer forced McConnell to object to a motion to hold public hearings on the health care bill, and then pressed the Republican leader to commit to 10 hours of open debate.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said he hoped to bring a bill to the floor for a vote within the next two weeks. Instead, they’ve chose to try and ram this bill through with no hearings, no public discussion, and get it signed into law. Yet even President Trump has added fuel to the fire by labeling the bill as “mean” after devouring coverage of how the Republican plan would take away insurance from millions of Americans while placing healthcare entirely out of reach for some Medicaid recipients.”I do find it particularly laughable the complaints about process”. “We’ll have a vote-a-rama, there will be dozens if not hundreds of amendments, and we will debate as long as the Democrats want to debate”.That’s a crucial problem for the GOP because many Republican senators are demanding such restrictions.McConnell said Republican lawmakers are wrapping up “intense discussions” about how to write the bill.”We’re going to have a meeting on the Senate floor, all hundred of us, with an unlimited amendment process”, said McConnell.As Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of OR described the Senate version, “They may put cosmetic changes on it, but the lipstick they’re putting on this pig is just making it messier”.