Modi govt has 73% citizens’ support

The worldwide organisation, which works with governments to understand their economic, social and environmental changes, in its report said 73 per cent Indians have faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, the highest in the world.The OECD found that the Indonesian and Switzerland governments had the trust of 80 per cent of their people while the Indian government had the confidence of 73 per cent.Bringing disappointment for U.S. president Donald Trump, the report shows mere 30 per cent public trust his government whereas UK Prime Minister Theresa May has surpassed Trump by bagging support of nearly 41 percent of people.India and Canada are followed by Turkey (58%), Russian Federation (58%) and Germany (55%) to complete the top five on the list.India has come out on top in a survey conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on how much a country trusts its government.OECD, which works with governments to understand what drives economic, social and environmental change, in its report said, “Trust in government remains below pre-crisis levels”. A government can harness trust from its people only if it delivers on its promises.The report also said that on an average, the women make up only 29% of parliamentarians and 28% of ministers in OECD countries in 2017.Forty one per cent of the United Kingdom, which is in the midst of its exit from the European Union, seems to have faith in the Theresa May government and the United States government led by President Donald Trump settled at 30 per cent, the report said.”Similarly, while women represent 58% of the total public sector workforce, they hold only 32% of senior positions”.