New Details, Art and Featurette Revealed For The Incredibles 2

It’s interesting then, that instead of going through a time jump Incredibles 2 will follow right after-a refreshing decision that’ll please fans who’ve been begging for a sequel since 2004. A title card read: “Disney: Space”, but was quickly joined by more words – ultimately reading, “This Space to Be Filled by a Title When We Think of One”. Vanellope and Ralph get sucked into the internet.Bird points out The Incredibles is a superhero film with family at its heart, and that aspect sets the world apart. And while the main characters haven’t aged, they look a little different thanks to the improvement in animation in the intervening years. With the voice cast assembled around him, John Lasseter observed, “What is really awesome about that sequence is that we got the actual actresses who played the princesses in the original film to voice their iconic characters for that scene”. “You’ve got powers!” the proud father exclaims.With The Incredibles 2 hitting theaters in less than a year, information is starting to be released. Brad Bird will return to write and direct. Incredible and his family have used against villains in the past. However, the family doesn’t know Jack Jack has powers yet. While Bob may be taking more of a stay-at-home dad role, Elastigirl will be at the forefront of the action. Giving the reins back to her for The Incredibles 2 will give audiences the chance to connect to the fiery, independent woman they saw in that faux-documentary which aired at the beginning of The Incredibles. In an effort to protect the household, Jack-Jack attacks the raccoon and showcases a variety of powers that include phasing through solid object, super strength, fire powers, telekinesis, and laser eyes. Jack-Jack is on his chest watching TV.The panel indicated that they are about to record the first line of dialogue for the film with an actor that has been in all of the Toy Story films.Finally, Lasseter revealed that Josh Cooley (Riley’s First Date? short) would be the sole director of the upcoming Toy Story 4, which Lasseter was previously slated to co-direct.The D23 Expo is in full swing. He shared a video showing what he and his crew having been working on.A new character, Yesss, was introduced.