Nigerian govt urged invest in family planning

The “Mission Parivar Vikas” was launched at a function organised by the Jansankhya Sthirita Kosh to mark World Population Day.The estimate that meeting that need could help avert 67 million unintended pregnancies a year, thereby preventing the deaths of 76,000 women from pregnancy and childbirth related complications, as well as cutting stillbirths and newborn deaths.She said that the new United Kingdom aid support would provide 20 million women with voluntary contraception, change the lives of six million women by allowing them to avoid unintended pregnancies and prevent the trauma of 75,000 still births.The programme aims to provide 13 million women with direct access to family planning information.According to her, spending four Ghana cedis (a little over one US dollar) for contraceptive services reduced the cost of pregnancy-related care, including care for women living with HIV, by 6.70 cedis or 2.30 dollars, adding that investment in family planning helped lead to prosperity for all.The summit comes at a critical time, with US President Donald Trump having said he will end funding to the UN Population Fund, the UN agency which deals with family planning, sexual and reproductive health.She explained that women who adopted family planning were healthier and at lower risk of maternal death, likewise their children.The summit focused on practical measures to reduce costs and increase availability for the millions of women who want contraception, but can not afford or get hold of it, said a statement released by the British High Commission here.”No matter what happens with the United Kingdom leadership, we’ve seen over these years that they’ve increased their support of family planning”, she said.The World Population Day is being observed with the theme “Family Planning, Empowering People and Developing Nations” across the world on Tuesday-(today).Ulasi advised Nigerians to ensure that they have the number of children they would effectively cater for; stressing that raising a family above one’s income contributes to the upsurge in violence and crime in the society. “[Contraception] helps women stay in education and get jobs, which helps create peace and stability and means people are more likely to stay where they are”, she said. Most of these women with unmet requirements live in 69 of the poorest countries on the earth.According Mr. Mboge, adolescent girls who delay pregnancy tend to complete more years of schooling and women with more years of schooling tend to have fewer children.”At the individual level, contraceptives make lives better”.The NGO has been working on family planning/reproductive health issues in the country since 1953.