Nikki Haley on consequences for Russian meddling: “Ask the president”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Trump accepted that Russia had not meddled in the election after the Friday meeting, which lasted for over two hours.At a news conference Saturday, Putin said Trump raised the issue of Russia interfering in the election many times, but that the Russian leader denied involvement by Moscow. I think he took note of that and agreed.Instead he said the issue may simply be an ‘intractable disagreement.’ Tillerson also said the Russians pushed Trump for proof and evidence of meddling, something which the president himself had doubted in public as recently as Thursday.A senior administration official who spoke to CNN on Friday evening said Trump did not accept Putin’s denial of responsibility for the hacking.”The two leaders I would said connected very quickly”. “Several times I had to remind the President, and people were sticking their heads in the door”.Probes are underway to determine whether there was a collusion between Russian Federation and associates of now-US President Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign and transition.It is set to go into effect at noon local time on Sunday as part of a renewed effort to stem the six-year civil war and the United Nations said it would enable upcoming peace talks.But Trump – breaking with normal practice by U.S. presidents and many other leaders at the end of a G-20 meeting – left Hamburg without holding a news conference. He asked, I answered him.”I do not know how this will sound, bit I will say as I see it: Trump on TV is very different from the real person”, he said.”I would hope he would sternly tell Mr. Putin: stay out of our elections”, said Sen. “He asked me questions, I answered, I clarified”.”So I think if we keep going like that, if we keep building our relationship we did yesterday”, he continued, “there is every reason to believe that we will be able to restore, at least partially, the level of interaction that we need”.Earlier, a spokesman for Putin had addressed the conflicting accounts of the discussions between Putin and Trump on what USA intelligence agencies are convinced was Russia’s meddling to sway the election in favor of Trump.Asked specifically how he views his relationship with Trump, Putin said, “and regarding personal relationship …” The highly-anticipated meeting comes one day after Trump downplayed Russia’s meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election but criticized Russia’s “destabilizing behavior” in Ukraine. “They had a very robust and lengthy exchange on the subject”, he said.