North Korea calls Donald Trump a ‘psychopath’

“We reiterated to China that they have a diplomatic responsibility to exert much greater economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime if they want to prevent further escalation in the region, whether it is money laundering, extorting Korean expatriates or vicious cyber activity, North Korea has engaged in a number of criminal enterprises that helps fund its weapons programs”, he said. I can only imagine the suffering endured by his family and was brought to tears by their description of the peace that had come over his face, even in a coma, as he realized that he was home. His parents released a statement that said his death was the inevitable result of “the very bad torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans”.Warmbier traveled to North Korea with Young Pioneer Tours, a China-based travel company, and planned to stay in the country for five days before flying to Beijing for a 10-day tour. However, the doctors in Cincinnati said they found no signs of botulism. “I would like to do this.’ So, we agreed to let him do that”, Fred Warmbier said. Since that likely won’t happen, the world might never know exactly why Warmbier died.Warmbier, 22, was arrested in the reclusive country while visiting as a tourist.Otto Warmbier was returned by North Korea to the USA last week, more than a year after he had been sentenced to 15 years’ hard labour.The Hamilton County Coroner’s office did not perform an autopsy at the request of the Warmbier family.His treating physicians said he suffered from unresponsive wakefulness, a condition also known as persistent vegetative state.North Korea last tested a nuclear bomb in September, but it has conducted repeated missile tests since and vowed to develop a nuclear-tipped missile capable of hitting the United States mainland, putting it at the forefront of Trump’s security worries.A separate KCNA article published hours earlier also criticized South Korea for using Warmbier’s case to seek the release of other detainees, including six South Korean citizens. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison and hard labor.A previous statement from Kim’s government said Mr Warmbier had been released on “humanitarian grounds”.In a characteristically impulsive display of public philosophizing, Donald Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to leave his followers, and his own administration, mulling over his latest stance on North Korea, whose regime the president has repeatedly deemed a grave threat to America.In addition to the external exam, the coroner’s office reviewed Warmbier’s medical records from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and AeroMed Management Group, the air ambulance service that helped evacuate him from North Korea’s capital where he had been detained for almost 17 months.