North Korea tests rocket engine

Dealing with North Korea’s nuclear ambitions has become USA president Donald Trump’s biggest security challenge, and the isolated communist state has been sanctioned by the global community for testing nuclear weapons and launching missiles.Earlier on Thursday, North Korea called Trump a “psychopath” as tensions escalated following the death of American student Otto Warmbier, who was evacuated in a coma from North Korean detention last week.North Korea’s previous ballistic missile firing was at the end of May when the regime of Kim Jong-un has alleged that its had been a successful test of a precision-guided system as it was known to be in pursuit of developing an “aircraft carrier killer”, anti-ship ballistic missile.The disclosure of the engine test came a day after the United States pressed China to exert more economic and diplomatic pressure on North Korea to help rein in its nuclear and missile programs during a round of high-level talks in Washington.US officials tell FOX the test could be used for a future inter-continental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States or for a new rocket engine to put a satellite into space.However, it subsequently launched a rocket that was seen as a missile test.In his words, one of the top demands of the regime of Kim Jong-un would be to halt the joint military drills between the United States and South Korea, which Pyongyang denounced as a rehearsal for invasion.The Korean war (1950-1953) ended without a ceasefire between the two countries, with millions of casualties, and Mr Kye said another war on the peninsula must be avoided.It marked the first such test since March.Most alarmingly for Washington, the North has pledged to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach mainland USA.”If our demands are met, we can negotiate in terms of the moratorium of such as weapons testing”, Kye said in English in an interview posted on the website of India’s television station WION. Now Mr Trump has said: “we have a great relationship with China”. “If you wanted to try to pressure and contain North Korea’s ability to earn from these illicit activities, you’d have to also close off its ability to adapt”.