Northern Ireland power sharing deal deadline moved

That triggered a March 2 snap election in which the conservative DUP saw its lead over socialists Sinn Fein slashed.Discussions had continued until 2am and resumed earlier today.Women are charged about £900 if they travel to England to have an abortion.Charities have welcomed the Government’s decision to fund abortions in England for women arriving from Northern Ireland as a “landmark moment”.The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) did not respond to immediate requests for reaction, but the prospect of the amendment passing could have raised questions over its deal with the Tories to prop up the minority Government.Some within the DUP believe that the motion is irrelevant as it has no legal force over how non-English residents can access abortion services in England.”When will the government be making a statement to say how this wrong will be put right?”Without emergency action, the turmoil could have snowballed and endangered tonight’s critical votes on the new laws in the Queen’s Speech.In a statement, Mr Coveney said: “After the last three days of intensive negotiation, I am encouraged that there continues to be real engagement between the parties”.The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland has refused to rule on allowing rape victims to have abortions, ruling that it is not up the courts to decide on abortion law.Surely securing her government’s future by throwing money at one part of the United Kingdom the Prime Minster risks weakening the bonds that unite us all and disproves her supposed heart-felt concerns about the future of the Union.”A system that threatens women with life imprisonment in Northern Ireland – but allows those in England, Scotland and Wales to exercise their rights – is outrageous, unfair and completely unsustainable”.”This is clearly a sensitive issue and one which has direct implications for equality in treatment of women from Northern Ireland. That is very clear”.Abortion is available in Ireland only when there is a proven risk to the woman’s life, including through suicide.The case is now expected to move to the UK Supreme Court.The now-adult woman, who can not be named, will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights. Abortion is now illeagal in Northern Ireland.In a pointed intervention on Wednesday during a speech by the Labour MP Stella Creasy in the Queen’s speech debate, DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr said: “I do respect her genuine interest in this subject, I think it is important the house recognises this is not a matter for Belfast, this is a matter for NHS England”.Campaigners were also encouraged when Home Secretary Amber Rudd told the Commons “We are absolutely committed to healthcare for women, – and that includes access to terminations”.She said: “Congratulations to Stella Creasy – this shows the power of cross-party pressure, which will be even more effective in this balanced Parliament”.A total of 43 Labour MPs have formally signed up to Mr Umunna’s amendment, which supports continued membership of the single market and customs union.