Number of presumed dead in London apartment fire rises to 79

London police said 79 people are now believed to have died in the fire that swept through a high-rise apartment building last week, making it the deadliest blaze in recent British history.Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy confirmed that the force now believes at least 79 people are dead or missing, presumed dead.Cundy said five of the dead have been formally identified.But he warned that not everyone would be identifiable and the operation would take “many, many weeks”.”Where offences have been committed, I will do everything in my gift to make sure they are brought to justice”, he said.”If I issue that is a risk to public safety, we will be sharing that immediately with the relevant authorities”, he said. The official said that the death toll in the incident can increase even further, however, not as significantly as it has over the past few days.”Family liaison officers are supporting families, and that includes those people we know to be dead; some of those who are crucially ill and sadly those people who we have been told were in Grenfell Tower that night who we have been unable to trace”.Distressed women were seen hugging after the silence.Cundy said it was hard to describe what he saw when he went into the building on Saturday.One of the burned-out apartments inside London’s Grenfell Tower.One firefighter, in his black protective suit with FIRE emblazoned in yellow on the back, embraced a distraught woman who had photos of a missing person printed on her top.”Until we do that, we can not look at anything other than staying with the same advice”.Since the fire, more than 58 people have perished, and many people remain in hospital.Prime Minister Theresa May announced an emergency fund for those affected by the fire.Police will be releasing the names of the victims.The video of homes reduced to ash and twisted metal were released by the Metropolitan Police on Sunday.The images were taken by a recovery team inside the 120 flats.The remnants of an exercise bike, an oven and washing machine point to the lives of residents in the moments before the blaze.