Nursery school blast which killed eight in China ’caused by home-made bomb’

A 29-year-old man with gambling debts tossed explosives in Shanghai’s main airport last year, injuring four people.On Thursday, the Xu detonated a homemade explosive at the front gate of Chuangxin Kindergarten in Xuzhou’s Fengxian county in one of the worst school attacks in the country in recent years. “After he left the university, he rented a house in the city and working at the school where the bomb blast has taken place”, state run Chinese television quoted investigators as saying.The statement said the man, surnamed Xu, suffered from dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, a disorder that can cause heart and blood pressure problems. He had dropped out of school but was employed.In 2013, a wheelchair-bound man detonated a homemade bomb at Beijing worldwide airport as a protest at alleged police brutality. Displayed on its walls were the Chinese characters for death, disaster and other related themes.Police have not yet provided a motive for the attack.Police also found materials to make bombs in the property.An anonymous woman said she searching for her sister who was waiting outside the school when the incident occurred. The explosion also wounded 65 people, eight of whom sustained serious injuries.The blast happened at 4.50pm before school finished for the day and no students or teachers from the nursery school were among the injured, according to a statement from local authorities.Two people died at the scene and six died after being taken to hospital.More than 10 senior doctors from Nanjing and Wuxi cities of Jiangsu have been rushed to the site of the blast.Public security minister Guo Shengkun ordered a prompt investigation and “demanded enhanced checks of possible risks at densely populated venues”, Xinhua said.The Global Times reported on its website that a gas cylinder at a roadside food stall had caused the blast, citing a witness identified only by the surname Shi.Li Meijin, a professor in the department of criminology at the People’s Public Security University of China in Beijing, said numerous attackers appear to the men in the prime of their life, who may be struggling to cope with pressure or difficulties in their lives.”The parents were all queueing up at the school gate at the time”, the shop owner said.