Orlando Remembers Pulse Victims One Year After Shooting

“And it’s been kind of hard to figure out as a community, and I think that Sacramento has done a really great job of rallying around our community, our LBGT-plus community, and wrapping their arms around it to protect us”, said Kelsie Hale, who attended the vigil.City officials estimated that 15,000 people showed up for the memorial ceremony Monday evening at Lake Eola Park. He is handcuffed as the crowd chants “love conquers hate”.Multiple memorial services were also held in Orlando to mark the anniversary.”This young man, Luis Vielma, is the nephew of my best friend who lives in Orlando”, said Carter. They say that’s what makes Orlando strong.The movie and theater stars attending the Tony Awards were asked about tolerance Sunday night, a year since 49 people were fatally shot at the Pulse nightclub in Florida on June 12, 2016.In one sour note for the day, an anti-gay protestor, Daniel Maguire, was arrested Monday near the nightclub and is facing misdemeanor charges of breach of peace and resisting an officer without violence.Steve Brooks, a member of the Orlando gay Chorus said of the shooter, “He is somewhere, down somewhere looking up at all of this probably frustrated as hell, because it just had the exact opposite of fact”. Hundreds of people left flowers, cards and drawings at the nightclub to honor the victims.Choking back sobs, Poma said she missed everything about Pulse, whose site will become a permanent memorial. People prayed together while the names of all 49 victims were read out loud.For Orlando, the city’s brush with awful violence arrived June 12, 2016, as gunman Omar Mateen went on a shooting rampage at the club in the early hours, firing at club-goers after having pledged his allegiance to known terrorist groups and individuals, authorities said. His wife, Noor Salman, is facing charges of aiding and abetting and obstruction in federal court, and she has pleaded not guilty to helping her husband.A foot race was held over the weekend, and eight gay and lesbian students were awarded $4,900 toward their college studies by a local businessman.