Phoenix fire teaches firework safety for the 4th of July

“The safest way to prevent all fireworks-related injuries and property damage is to leave fireworks to trained professionals”. Celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks, cookouts and community events can quickly turn to disaster if proper precautions are not taken.-Reporting illegal fireworks, such as those designated as an M-80 or “quarter stick”.Additionally, fireworks can cause serious burns, according to Lt. Patrick Dunn with Greenville Fire/Rescue. More than half of all fireworks injuries are from burns.According to statistics provided by the NFPA, fireworks start an average of 18,500 fires per year, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires and 16,900 outdoor and other fires.”Over the counter consumer fireworks are risky to personal safety and the safety of the community”, says Brendan Keatley, President of the Stamford Professional Fire Fighters Association (SPFFA). “When they purchased these type of fireworks behind me from unauthorized sources, they are essentially putting money in the pockets of street gangs, supporting their illicit activities”, said Chief Robert Luna.They also can not be used on state land or on school property, unless a permit has been issued.”Make sure children are a good distance away from the fireworks display area; we recommend that they do not handle any fireworks”, Dunn said. A 17-year-old had his hand partially amputated last year after using the exact same kind of illegal fireworks confiscated last night.This partnership allows for the Police Officers and Deputies to continue their normal patrol duties while the fire service law enforcement officers assist them with fireworks concerns. More than 200 people have been injured by illegal firecrackers and celebratory gunfire in the Philippines despite a government scare campaign against reckless New Year revelries, officials recently said.”We are very involved with the show from loading the shells to going back and making sure everything is ready to go”. For military veterans who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, the sound of fireworks can trigger memories or induce anxiety, according to the Abingdon Police Department.