PM Theresa May confident of securing deal to stay in power

“Everyone fears these talks of a hard border”, he said, “but I agree it must be a soft border that will ensure the goods from both countries can move easily between them”.But the DUP leader insisted it was now down to Sinn Féin whether an agreement is done.”They have turned a blind eye to the disruptive actions of the DUP over a long time”, he said.”So I think it is very much doable to have a deal by the end of this month”, she concluded.”With ten members elected to Parliament we will make sure both the farming and fishing industries will be discussed to the benefit of both in Westminster”, Shannon said.”It takes two to tango and we’re ready to dance”, she said.The opening was set to take place on Monday, but was delayed amid negotiations.The DUP, under Mrs Foster, is close to striking a deal with the Conservatives that would allow a beleaguered Theresa May to form a minority government in London.Northern Ireland has been without a powersharing executive since March and without a first and deputy first minister since January, after Sinn Fein collapsed the administration amid faltering trust and relations with the DUP.Sinn Féin will oppose any deal between the Government and the DUP which undermines the peace deal, Mr Adams warned.The DUP represents people in Northern Ireland who wish the province to remain part of the United Kingdom, while Sinn Fein wants Northern Ireland to be administered by the Irish Republic.”The DUP supported Brexit but they will be very keen to secure a future trading arrangement with the European Union which allows barrier free trade between Northern ireland and the Republic of Ireland, especially in food and agricultural products”.The former Northern Ireland First Minister said her meeting with Mr Varadkar was very good and that she was looking forward to a very positive relationship with the Irish premier.DUP leader Arlene Foster has today called for a “sensible Brexit and one that works for everybody”.”We know each other and we understand each other”, she said.