Pregnant woman in SUV runs over suspected thief in Walmart parking lot

A pregnant woman chased a man and hit him with her SUV after he tried to steal her purse at an Asheville Walmart on Wednesday, she told WLOS-TV. When he ran off with her purse, she got in her SUV and ran him over.Braswell confronted Raines and he dropped the purse and ran across the parking lot trying to get away. “It’s not right. It’s not fair”.Braswell said the man ran away with her purse, while she attempted to chase after him on foot. When the 26-year-old couldn’t catch him, she jumped behind the wheel – and what happened next is scary and disturbing to watch.A witness to the alleged break-in, Blake Bennett, said he confronted Raines.While I can’t condone running anyone over with your vehicle, it’s not hard to understand her motivation; nobody wants their auto broken into, and the urge to run the bastard over is a pretty hard one to fight.In the video, you can see Braswell’s auto hit the man and then stop in a median. She says she tried to chase after him but couldn’t catch up, so she got in her auto. He sat writhing while paramedics tended to him at the scene, and was eventually taken to the hospital for treatment.”I know two guys helped him up and when they were putting him in the ambulance I seen that he had blood coming down both arms”, said Kelley.It was a chaotic scene in the parking lot of an Asheville Walmart as a man was hit by a woman driving an SUV.Authorities also charged Braswell with an assault charge.Raines suffered minor injuries and is now charged with felony breaking and entering.