President Trump claims solar panels will pay for his Mexican wall

The president said the solar wall would generate enough energy over time to “pay for itself”.Hundreds of companies have put in bids to work on the border wall, should it ever be built, including one from Las Vegas businessman Tom Gleason that involved using solar panels. The president has estimated that completing the barrier would cost US$8 billion to US$12 billion, though many experts say the actual cost would be far higher.”This way, Mexico will have to pay much less money and that’s good”.During a speech at a rally in Iowa, President #Donald Trump told his supporters about the idea of installing #Solar Panels on the #Mexican Border walls, which he proposed to build, according to the BBC. “And that’s good, right?” “And that’s good. Right?”United States President Donald Trump has said on Wednesday that he was crafting legislation to bar new immigrants from receiving welfare for at least five years.The idea of adding solar panels to the wall, which is meant to curb illegal immigration from Mexico, has been discussed by researchers and activists alike.As whacky as it sounds, shares of solar manufacturers rose sharply, with SunPower jumping 13 per cent, Canadian Solar up 7.7 per cent, JinkoSolar up 4.4 per cent and First Solar up 3.2 per cent.This post was syndicated from The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News.President Donald Trump at the rally in Cedar Rapids. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection said bidding contractors would be identified in June, and selected companies would construct their prototypes near the border in San Diego County this summer. Trump insists that even if US taxpayers have to cover the costs upfront, Mexico will eventually be forced to reimburse the some way.Apparently, Trump is responding to a report released in May by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, which stated that Mexico has 23,000 homicides reported in 2016, the second highest death toll in countries considered to be armed conflict, after Syria. It also said “drug trade is largely the cause”. “We’ve already started planning-it will be built”.