President Trump confirms he is under investigation

As Feinstein points out, the authority to fire Mueller comes from Rosenstein, seeing as Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from congressional investigations into Russian Federation.Trump’s tweets Friday were especially remarkable considering the context that Trump was repeatedly asking Comey and other investigators to go on the record to say he wasn’t under investigation.Citing Rosenstein’s private remarks, ABC News reported that he may have to recuse himself from the investigation, potentially following in the footsteps of Attorney General Jeff Sessions who did so in early March in a move that continues to vex the American president. The White House used the memo to justify Comey’s firing.Speaking to Harris Faulkner, Wallace said Trump once again kept Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation at the top of the headlines. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Federation probe in March, citing his own ties to President Trump’s campaign. And as Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) declared in a tweet Thursday, “If Trump fired Mueller (he’d also have to fire Dep AG Rosenstein), it would be an 11 on the Richter scale of #obstructionofjustice”.Trump had expressed the same outrage when Mueller, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation director from 2001 to 2013, was appointed last month by the US Department of Justice to probe Russian meddling.The President complained the probe was unfair and wondered why his defeated Democratic opponent was not getting the same scrutiny.And second, said Nichols, the tweet appears to be Trump “attacking the Justice Department”.”[Vice President] Mike Pence hired a lawyer, everybody else is hiring a lawyer”. Should he become a witness, he would certainly have to recuse, which means that he’d be replaced with the DOJ’s third in command, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand.Mueller’s investigation appeared to be reaching a broadening circle of current and former officials.Published reports have indicated that Mueller is looking into whether Trump tried to obstruct justice.He seems to be confirming he’s under investigation for the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.Mr Comey told a Senate panel last week he believed Mr Trump fired him to undermine the FBI’s Russian Federation probe and testified that the President directed him in February to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn in relation to the Russian Federation matter.Mr Comey gave evidence last week that he also felt pressured to drop the Flynn probe.