President Trump grabs Marine’s cap after wind blows it away

While boarding Marine One at Joint Base Andrews on Saturday night, President Trump stopped twice to pick up a Marine’s dress hat that had been blown away by the wind.THE president of the USA took a break from the responsibilities of high office to rescue a Marine’s hat that was twice blown away by strong winds.The Marine followed protocol and held his post until the president boarded the chopper.Trump had just returned to the United States after attending the G20 summit of world leaders in Hamburg, Germany.Once it blew off the second time, Trump ran to retrieve it before handing it to his Air Force escort who gave it back to the Marine. Noteworthy, the Marine skillfully remained at attention during the entire incident between him and Donald Trump. He flew Marine One to the White House. After placing it on the Marine’s head, Trump patted him on the arm.The G-20 summit brought together world leaders from 20 industrialized countries to discuss global matters such as trade, climate change and terrorism. The first time, the cover was on the ground in front of the helicopter steps.