Putin quips he’s ready to grant asylum to ex-FBI chief Comey

Putin also once again denied any Russian interference in America’s 2016 election, despite Comey – not to mention multiple us intelligence agencies – saying there is zero doubt about Kremlin meddling. Putin said, in a reference to former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russian Federation in 2013 after leaking classified information about US spy operations.The Russian leader said if Comey faced any consequences for his leaking of conversations, then “we are ready to offer political asylum in Russia to him as well”.Thank you for signing up..”Turn a globe and point your finger anywhere, you will find American interests will lie there”, he said.This email address has already registered for this newsletter.”I am not familiar with the testimony given by Comey, the former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but I know some things, of course”.The Russian president noted that according to Comey there was no evidence that Russia meddled with the vote count in the United States.”The racist Russophobia which is enveloping the US what kind of advice can you give me to help clear things up, to help my compatriots, the people of Great America realize that Russian Federation is not their enemy?” the “American” asked. Isn’t it an impact on our minds?Putin made that and other remarks about America – from the FBI investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election to the retaliatory sanctions that followed – during the broadcast of a television show in which he answers questions from the public every year.Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed fresh sanctions approved by the US Senate as coming “out of nowhere” and motivated by domestic politics and historical efforts by the West to “contain” Russia. But they would not voice their concerns openly, fearing to “spoil relations” with Washington, he said. Asked if he would be willing for dialogue with the opposition, Putin said he would talk to people who really wanted to improve people’s lives, but not those who “use the difficulties we have for their own political PR”.Russian farmers have pleaded with the Kremlin to keep the import ban even if the West lifts its sanctions, but Putin said that if “our partners lift the sanctions against our economy, we will respond in kind”. When a special service head records a conversation with the commander-in-chief and then gives it to the media through his friend.Putin said Moscow is determined to re-engage with Washington on several pressing worldwide issues, including nuclear non-proliferation, arms control, combatting poverty and climate change. “By the way, if he faces any kind of prosecution in this regard, we will provide political asylum in Russian Federation for him as well”.