Queen to outline United Kingdom government plans

The Queen’s Speech now heads to debate among May, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and other lawmakers to hash out potential amendments and eventually vote on its agenda next week.The queen wore a blue hat dotted with a circle of yellow-centered flowers that prompted many on social media to suggest that she was offering a nod to the European Union flag.Of 27 Bills and draft bills unveiled in her first Queen’s Speech, eight are devoted to the complex process of withdrawal from the EU, including a Repeal Bill to overturn the 1972 Act which took Britain into the European Economic Community and separate Bills on customs, trade, immigration, fisheries, agriculture, nuclear safeguards and the global sanctions regime.But questions were raised over whether she will be able to get contentious Brexit legislation through the Lords, after Liberal Democrats said they did not believe their peers would be bound by the Salisbury Convention which bars the Upper House from blocking manifesto pledges.Chastened by an election which left her Conservative Party short of a majority in parliament and reopened debate on the nature of Britain’s European Union exit, May also sidelined reform on social care, education and corporate governance.Prince Philip, the husband of the queen, didn’t attend after being hospitalized for an infection.May apologised for the chaotic official response to the fire, telling MPs it was “not good enough”.”As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, committed to spending zero point seven percent of national income on worldwide development, my government will continue to drive worldwide efforts that increase global security and project British values around the world”, she said.On June 8, the United Kingdom had held a snap general election.”We’re now staring over the precipice at the economic reality of an extreme Brexit”. “Firms will expect all politicians to put pragmatism before politics, starting with Brexit”.For now, details on how exactly the British government will do so remain sparse, but the speech does appear to signal preparations for a clean break with the EU. With new measures on trade, immigration, fisheries, nuclear safety, agriculture and sanctions.Beyond Brexit, the plan included a promise to pay more attention to public concerns about austerity, but did not alter the government’s commitment to bring down the budget deficit.But that deal has yet to be announced, and on Tuesday the DUP said the talks were not going as was expected.