Record levels of refugees and displaced persons

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, encourages Filipinos to stand in solidarity#WithRefugees and with families torn apart by war, conflict and violence.The Syrian conflict, which killed more than 320,000 people, “is becoming a forgotten crisis“, he warned.At the same time, returns of refugees and internally displaced people to their homes, combined with other solutions such as resettlement in third countries meant that for some, 2016 brought the prospect of improvement.The UN refugee chief meanwhile voiced most alarm over the rapidly deteriorating situation in South Sudan, which he said was now the world’s “fastest growing refugee crisis and displacement crisis”.This was announced by the Agency for refugees of the United Nations.In just one year the refugee population in Uganda has more than doubled from 500 000 to over 1.25 million, making the country host to the fastest growing refugee emergency in the world.Although 6.5 million refugees returned to their countries previous year, they often did so in what the refugee agency called less than ideal circumstances. Especially Central European countries – Poland, Hungary and the Czech and Slovak Republics – have been criticized for having a cold heart and refusing to let any refugees in their countries.Syria accounts for by far the largest share of total displaced persons worldwide, with a total of 12 million people displaced internally or living outside the country as refugees. They had expected to receive 110,000 refugees this year.The UN report also highlighted attempts by refugees and migrants to seek safety by crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe.This figure includes refugee numbers and people displaced in their own countries.Developing countries are hosting the majority of the world’s refugees, UNHCR reported.Almost 86 percent of all refugees in the country are women and children and Uganda is now the third largest refugee-hosting country in the world, after Turkey and Pakistan.Turkey hosts the most refugees at 2.9 million.The worldwide number of asylum seekers – which the United Nations refugee agency defines as “people who are seeking global protection but whose refugee status is yet to be determined” – reached 2.8 million at the end of past year.Protecting refugees from persecution, violence, and sickness adds to the enormous human cost of war and conflict globally.A United Nations (UN) report documented that almost 66 million people were forcibly displaced from their homes a year ago.The US Ambassador to South Sudan, Molly Phee said, “It is also an opportunity to honour those who provide them with life-saving protection and assistance despite harassment and threats”. World Refugee Day marks the awareness on people to encourage and protect the refugees around the world.”I was hoping South Sudan wouldn’t need UNHCR anymore”, said Grandi.84 percent of refugees are living in low- and middle-income countries, UNHCR said, blaming this “huge imbalance” on “the continuing lack of consensus internationally when it comes to refugee hosting and the proximity of many poor countries to regions of conflict”. Although conditions are dire, most of the camp’s residents are too scared to leave.