Rescue mission launched to save two wild elephants in E Sri Lanka

A pair of elephants were rescued yesterday from the sea by the Sri Lankan navy.A navy Inshore Patrol Craft (IPC) on routine sea patrol have noticed the two jumbos in distress first and alerted the Department of Wildlife in Trincomalee.The Sri Lankan Navy has again come to the rescue of elephants caught in the ocean out of their depth.The elephants were thought to be “distressed” and, fearing that they might drown before making it back to the shore, navy boats managed to fasten ropes to the elephants a tow them back to dry land. The personnel used ropes to tie the elephants and guide them safely towards the shore. The animals were later released into the forests near Foul Point in Trincomalee district.On July 11, the Island nation’s navy undertook a massive task of rescuing a pachyderm struggling for its life eight nautical miles off Kokkuthuduwai coast in the eastern part of the country and won many praises. Responding promptly to the situation, the Navy augmented the rescue mission by deploying three more Fast Attack Craft, on patrol and a team of Navy Divers.