Richard Ferrand elected to lead Macron’s lawmakers in French parliament

The comments came as Hulot and Macron met the former Californian governor and climate change campaigner Arnold Schwarzenegger to discuss plans for a new global pact to give people a mechanism for securing environmental justice.Smiling into the camera in a post on the Terminator star’s Twitter, he vowed to “make the planet great again”.”It is absolutely imperative that we not make it a political issue”, he said after meeting Macron on Friday.Just a few weeks after US President Donald Trump announced he was pulling America out of the Paris Climate accord, Schwarzenegger said all countries had to work together in order to protect the environment.Richard Ferrand quit a junior government post as minister for territorial cohesion on Monday, a day after being elected as a deputy for Macron’s new party.It was chaired by former prime minister Laurent Fabius, who chaired the 2015 conference on climate change. One man can’t stop our clean energy revolution.Following Trump’s announcement that the United States would no longer be a part of the Paris climate accord, President Macron as well as numerous environmental advocates criticized his decision. I will not sit in the group where there are ambiguities, where they will not vote confidence to the government. “Because we are fully committed, because wherever we live, whoever we are, we all share the same responsibility: Make our planet great again”.The president has defended Ferrand over press reports that he favoured his wife in a lucrative property deal with a public health insurance fund when he headed the company. In March, Trump had a Twitter feud with Schwarzenegger over the actor’s ratings after he took over hosting duties from Trump on “The Apprentice”.Do you ever have any question about anything you wish to ask and get answer?”My handshake with him, it’s not innocent”, Macron told the Journal du Dimanche.