S. Korean President: North Korea ‘Most Serious Threat’

Analysts said the liberal-minded Mr Moon, elected in May after 10 years of conservative rule, managed to send a clear message that he is not a replica of the last liberal president Roh Moo Hyun, who pursued a North-friendly “Sunshine Policy” at the expense of United States ties. “We agreed to work together to make our economic relations mutually beneficial for the people of both our countries through economic growth and job creation”.Earlier in the morning, Moon and Trump sat down for their first summit at the White House.Amid his remarks, Trump additionally said he would move in the direction of leveling the U.S. trade imbalance with Seoul and look for a trade “deal that is reasonable for the United States and reasonable for South Korea”.The United States and South Korea are renegotiating a trade deal, and Trump predicted the outcome would be “much different” than the current deal, but still “good for both parties”.The two leaders were supposed to announce a joint statement at the media session, but it was not released during the event.Mr Moon said both sides are open to renewed dialogue with the North but only under circumstances that would lead to it giving up its weapons programmes.The assurances from South Korea’s security guarantor, say analysts, give Mr Moon the mandate to seek dialogue with the North, but not without conditions.Jim Dean told Press TV that the public in the United States has not “heard two things from North Korea”. “It’s been a rough deal for the US, but I think that it will be much different and will be good for both parties”.”I will further develop our democracy”, he said.The US leader said that Washington was “working closely with South Korea and Japan, as well as partners around the world, on a range of diplomatic, security and economic measures to protect our allies and our own citizens from this menace known as North Korea”.”It was a significant success”, Bong Young-shik, a research fellow at Yonsei Institute for North Korean studies in Seoul, told Xinhua Saturday, referring to the new South Korean leader’s first face-to-face talks with the USA president since he took office on May 10. -South Korea free trade agreement, which Trump claimed during the joint press conference had caused the trade imbalance with South Korea. Trump has called the free trade pact a “horrible deal” and vowed to either renegotiate or scrap it entirely. On Wednesday, he visited a memorial to Marines who fought in rearguard USA action in 1950 that enabled a mass evacuation of Korean civilians, including Moon’s parents. One inscription in the Pool of Remembrance at the memorial reads, “Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and people they never met”.He laid a wreath Wednesday at a memorial to Marines who fought in one of the fiercest battles of the Korean War, where a rearguard USA action enabled a mass evacuation of Korean civilians, including Moon’s parents. Mr Moon, born to North Korean parents who fled to the South during the Korean War, was a key aide to Mr Roh during the latter’s 2003-2008 term. Two years after they arrived in 1951, Moon was born on the island of Geoje in January 1953.