Saudi says 3 Iran guards caught on boat

Two other vessels escaped and the Guards are being questioned by authorities, it said.The vessel, which was seized last Friday, was carrying explosives and the those captured meant to conduct a “terrorist act” in Saudi territorial waters, it claimed.Majid Aghababaei, in charge of border affairs at Iran’s interior ministry, rejected the Saudi claims of military involvement, telling reporters that the vessels were fishing boats and one fisherman died in the incident.That statement made no mention of explosives and did not detail what type of weapons were found, though it said they were for “subversive purposes”.An earlier report from the Saudi Press Agency said the Saudi Navy had fired warning shots at the two boats that managed to escape.The latest statement came more than 12 hours after Saudi Arabia said it had seized weapons from a boat captured in the Gulf’s Marjan field at about 8:30 pm Friday.Saudi Arabia said Monday it had disrupted an attack on an offshore oil field.Saudi Arabia’s announcement of the Guards’ capture coincided with visits to the kingdom by Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir.On Friday, Iran accused Saudi coast guards of opening fire on Iranian fishing boats, killing a fisherman.