Scotland’s papers: Tories ‘turn on May’ and indyref election impact

“Perhaps this is one area where Theresa May delivered”, he said.The party made huge gains across Scotland in the 2015 General Election, all but wiping out Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats north of the border; each party retained only one seat each.THE SNP survived a Labour surge in Glasgow and held on to six of the city’s seven seats.Former Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and the party’s Commons leader Angus Robertson, Sturgeon’s number two in the party, lost their seats to the Conservatives.However, the poll outcome may emerge as a setback for SNP in this round of elections, as the Scottish sentiment is reportedly not in complete favour o second referendum.”We saw that and we felt that”.The SNP still took 35 of Scotland’s 59 seats in Britain’s 650-seat national parliament, while the Conservatives won 13 Scottish seats, achieving the second largest share of the vote.”Voting SNP is the only way to ensure strong voices for Scotland, so I’m feeling good and hoping the weather improves as well”.”This is a disaster for Theresa May, she called an election clearly very arrogantly thinking that she was going to crush the opposition, sweep everybody aside and cruise to a landside majority, her position is very, very hard”. She called an election clearly very arrogantly thinking she was going to crush the opposition, sweep everybody aside and cruise to a landslide majority.”Her position I think is very, very hard”.”We don’t want to see that disrupted”.Asked if there was a role for the SNP in a future government, Ms Sturgeon said: “There may well be, but it is perhaps too early to say that”.During the last election, in 2015, the Conservatives did better than the exit poll predicted, and senior Conservatives said they would take a wait-and-see approach. “We have always said that we would work in alliance with others to promote progressive policies to build a fairer country”, Sturgeon said.Tory Colin Clark, who defeated Mr Salmond in Gordon, said in his victory speech: “The silent majority have spoken”.Davidson, 38, has unapologetically stood up for the United Kingdom. Wrong target. Hence Labour’s back in business, taking seats and running the SNP close in others. Although pro-independence activists celebrated the party’s sudden rise at the time, there was also a sentiment that Scotland’s nationalists had just missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said she was “hugely encouraged” by the results.Critics say, however, that her high media profile, attractive in Westminster where politicians tend to show a more humdrum side, risks her not being taken seriously.Sturgeon said her plans for a second referendum was “undoubtedly” a factor in the loss of support and she pledged to “reflect” and “listen” to Scots about what to do next.But she has just been told and if we get another short-term election-which could come-she will lose more seats’.One of the most dynamic parts of the Scottish electorate is the roughly 10% of voters who sit to the left of the SNP.