Sen. Marco Rubio motivates Trump to break US-Cuba relations

“The president vowed to reverse the Obama administration policies towards Cuba that have enriched the Cuban military regime and increased the repression on the island – it is a promise that President Trump made and it is a promise that President Trump is keeping”, one senior administration official said during the briefing. These expectations will include releasing political prisoners, free elections, and direct pay to Cuban workers.But how numerous steps President Barack Obama took to thaw our relationship with Cuba could Trump actually undo? Additionally, travel and money sent by Cuban Americans could continue unaffected. The media stated that Trump will not re-establish the “dry feet-wet feet” policy former President Barack Obama called off on January 12.President Trump’s rollback of Mr. Hussein Obama’s policy has drawn some opposition from American businesses and the travel industry, which have begun making inroads on the island.There are also no plans to reinstate the limits that Obama lifted on the amount of the island’s coveted rum and cigars that American can bring home for personal use, one White House official said.Protesters who support easing restrictions on Cuba – saying that more engagement with the island is a better bet to undermine the regime – are expected to mass outside the theater in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood where Trump is expected to speak.The group trips would require US visitors to travel with a guide from an educational group-a requirement the Obama policy had lifted.Educational trips will reportedly be required to travel with a guide from a USA sponsoring organization, according to the Herald.Officials briefing journalists about the new policy were asked why human rights concerns had led to punitive measures in Cuba’s case but were not playing a role in the administration’s policy to other notable human rights offenders, like the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.Eliminating that category – in which individuals can travel to Cuba alone and not as part of an organized tour group, which has the “highest risk of potential abuse”, an official said – still leaves 11 other categories under which Americans can visit Cuba legally. But as soon as new regulations are drafted by the Treasury and Commerce Departments, they’re likely to pour cold water on the burgeoning Cuban travel business. The order would allow continued expenditure linked to operations at the Guantanamo Naval Base against the will of the Cuban people and Government, and would also keep the corresponding funds for the United States embassy in Havana. Nor will Cuban-Americans’ ability to make unlimited family visits and remittances to Cuba be affected.Trump will travel on Friday to Miami, where he is set to announce a prohibition on “financial transactions” with military-backed tourism conglomerate GAESA, according to a source close to the deliberations.The main rationale for the reversal is apparently based on the violation of human rights that continues to occur in Cuba, such as arbitrary arrests of human rights advocates and journalists.