Sinkhole swallows auto while owner exercises at a gym in St. Louis

It happened Thursday morning. The auto was parked at a meter while the owners were working out at the downtown YMCA.A sinkhole has opened up and swallowed a auto in central St Louis.The auto owner and his fiancée first thought their vehicle was towed until they saw it in the crater. “We could’ve been in the vehicle. It’s not like its heavy”, he said, adding the hole had gulped down the whole southbound lane of North Sixth Street, between Locust and Olive streets.Missouri man Jordan Westerberg made the discovery after leaving the gym with his fiancée, the St Louis Post-Dispatch reports.”It’s pretty insane. We could’ve been in the vehicle”.The city’s water commissioner Curtis Skouby, said they don’t yet know if the main was broken before the street collapsed. The gaping hole was a reported 20 feet deep and about 10 feet across. “There could be a big void under there”, water distribution superintendent for the St. Louis Water Division, Vincent Foggie, said.