Some 18 injured in gas explosion in Hangzhou

The blasts occurred at about 8.35am at the building in Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, reported.At least two people were killed and 55 others injured in explosions at a restaurant in eastern China on Friday morning.CCTV said that the fire is now “under control” and that local authorities are investigating the exact cause of the explosion.The cause of the blast is still under investigation, the news website report said.Fire engulfed the shop sending plumes of smoke into the air, video footage circulated on social media showed.The injured were taken to the hospital, it said, adding that 12 were seriously hurt. The two blasts shattered the windows of cars and a bus passing by, causing numerous injuries. Nearby cars, taxis and buses were also badly damaged. One witness commented online.”The blasts happened twice”.Such explosions and similar accidents are common in China, where safety standards are lax.