Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote

Tori told the Huffington Post that her school’s dress code is “inherently sexist” because she feels like it is only enforced for the girls.But one student made a decision to roast her school once more before exiting. DiPaolo’s quote reads underneath her senior photo.A graduating student called out her high school’s ironic dress code in the most clever way possible: through her yearbook quote underneath her senior picture.She also says she was unfairly targeted while the boys at her school got away with breaking the code.”I just found it amusing that the outfits for senior portraits technically violated the dress code by exposing our shoulders, so I saw my opportunity and ran with it”, DiPaolo said.DiPaulo was busted numerous times at West Milford for dress-code violations which she belies took away from her educational experience.DiPaolo’s school, West Milford High in New Jersey, bans girls from wearing shoulder baring tops on most days, but the robes required for senior photos happen to show a whole lot of. wait for it. shoulder.DiPaolo joked about the yearbook on Twitter and told Yahoo Style that the students’ consensus is that the dress code is ridiculous. Style that this very public statement isn’t the first time she’s fought the sexist rules at her school – she’s an OG when it comes to the war on dress codes.The iconic quote reads, “I’m sorry, did my shoulders distract you from reading this quote?” They would tell me to change or go home, so my classic response was ‘How much of my skin is exposed when it’s 90 degrees out is more important than me receiving an education at a school?Tori told Elite Daily about the reactions she’s been getting since posting the quote – both positive and negative – and tells us that she thinks it’s “all amusing”. “No one is distracted by shoulders, and that’s really where I got the inspiration for my quote”.Most people I know have reacted positively and laughed at it, which I’m happy about because that was my intention.