Syrian refugee named as London inferno victim

“She was with a group of people in the fire escape, in the fire stairs, they live on the 20th floor”, said Ms Ruiz.Dozens of people were still missing three days after the tower was engulfed in flames, and worries over the safety of the apartment block’s charred wreck has slowed the search for human remains.Cladding used on Grenfell Tower is banned in Britain, the Chancellor has said as Government staff were drafted in to handle the response to the disaster. Hands cautioned that officials don’t yet have exact details about the renovation that ended just a year ago.He fled to the 2014. “We need to find out precisely what cladding was used and how it was attached”.He said all records – including emails, minutes of meetings, correspondence with contractors, safety assessments, specifications and reports – must be kept intact.He said: “We need urgent action now to make sure that all records and documents relating to the refurbishment and management of Grenfell Tower are protected”.Police have said the recovery process could take weeks, and warned some of the bodies may be too burned to be identified.Police have launched a criminal investigation into the blaze and Prime Minister Theresa May has ordered a full public inquiry.The petition pages said Mohammed’s last words to his brother were: “The smoke is getting in, the smoke is getting in, we are going to die, we are going to die”.Families searching for their loved ones have blanketed the area near the tower with posters searching for answers, and sorrow is quickly turning to anger over whether recent building works were properly done.British officials say they are helping the Syrian family of the first officially confirmed victim of the London tower blaze to come to Britain.On Saturday a Home Office spokesman said: ‘We made contact with Mr Alhajali’s family yesterday and assisted them in making arrangements for their travel to the United Kingdom in these terribly sad circumstances’.But the Home Office has suggested Mr Alhajali’s family will be able to come to the United Kingdom on compassionate grounds.Mohammad Alhajali was the first victim to be named in the aftermath of Wednesday’s catastrophic blaze in Kensington.Mirna Suleiman, a friend of the victim, also voiced her sadness on Facebook, saying: “This attractive soul was lost long as many others”. The BBC understands this could rise to about 70 people in total.The great-grandad’s phone stopped responding around 4am after he told a friend to “tell my sons I love them”, according to The Sun newspaper.