Teen girl who texted boyfriend to kill himself guilty of manslaughter

“This court finds that instructing Mr. Roy to “get back in” the truck constitutes wanton and reckless conduct by Ms. Carter“, Moniz said.Assistant district attorney Katie Rayburn tells reporters that both defendant Michelle Carter’s family and the family of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, “have been torn apart”. Dr. Breggin, who testified for the defense, said that Carter had no nefarious intent and genuinely thought she was helping Roy.Prosecutors noted Carter admitted responsibility in a text message to a friend nearly two months after Mr Roy’s death.Moniz allowed Carter to remain free on bail until her sentencing on August 3.Carter texted that she “told him to get back in”. Moniz said that, and the fact that Roy could have tried again, was immaterial.The case was built largely on Michelle Carter’s own words, in the form of hundreds of texts messages exchanged with a vulnerable young man who killed himself in July 2014 by inhaling carbon monoxide in his pickup truck.Mr Moniz presided over the two-week trial in Bristol Juvenile Court after Carter, now 20, waived her right to a jury trial and pleaded not guilty. And while the judge in the nonjury trial said that Carter was not exclusively responsible for Roy’s suicide, he found that her behavior in the moments before Roy’s death were “reckless” enough to have contributed to his suicide in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, where he affixed a compression pump to his auto that filled it with carbon monoxide.Moniz ruled that Carter had created an environment to cause harm, according to The Washington Post.” ‘He came to rely on her more and more than anyone else during that time period, ‘ Flynn said”.Prosecutors argued that Carter manipulated Roy into suicide to gain sympathy and attention from friends she often feared would ignore her or push her aside. Carter had also been treated for anorexia, and Roy had made earlier suicide attempts.Michelle Carter should go free.”If you point a gun at somebody, you’re pretty much intending to shoot them”, Gutterman said. “If this is the only way you think you’re gonna be happy, heaven will welcome you with open arms”, she wrote. Dozens of times, the messages urged Roy to kill himself, with one reading: “No more pushing it off”.Sam, his death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him.”This was a suicide-a sad and tragic suicide, but not a homicide”. Attorneys suggest that lawmakers will now look into writing laws concerning encouraging others to commit suicide.The ACLU’s MA chapter says in a statement that the conviction “exceeds the limits of our criminal laws and violates free speech protections guaranteed by the MA and U.S. Constitutions”.