Texas mom makes new friends at daughter’s college orientation

A Texas State mom is winning the internet after she broke away from her daughter at freshman orientation and found a couple of football players.Twitter user Avery Leilani shared screenshots of her text convo with her mom shortly after she was dropped off for freshman orientation.Mom: “I made some friends”. Several minutes later, she received a text saying she had met “new friends”.We would love to see the mom-and-daughter duos team up for a fun photo shoot with the entire football team.She then sent through two more pictures.It went viral, along with photos of mom with the players holding the football, throwing up the heart of Texas State hand symbol, even getting tackled.One person even replied to the comment with a tweet of their own mum pulling a similar stunt.A mother managed to befriend a group of shirtless students while attending her daughter’s freshman orientation in Texas.’She said it was a selfie contest for prize money toward tuition, ‘ Schrade said. They were told whoever took the best selfies and posted them online would win a $500 scholarship.When Avery responded with emoji skulls – often used to express finding something hilarious – her mom didn’t seem too up to date on emoji language.