Trump calls for stricter limits on welfare for immigrants

President Trump’s Wednesday night speech from Cedar Rapids, Iowa was carried live by Fox News and Fox Business Network, but not by CNN, MSNBC and CNBC.Trump’s first trip to Iowa since taking office on January 20 came against a backdrop of problems in Washington.President Donald Trump is musing about putting solar panels on his proposed wall on the Mexican border.Mr Trump made the comments during a raucous political rally in Iowa on Wednesday (local time), where he also defended his record, rejected a Russian Federation investigation as a witch hunt and said he was succeeding against all odds, despite no major legislative achievements.The event underscores Trump’s comfort in a campaign setting.The President slammed Democrats for opposing his agenda, railed against the media’s coverage of his presidency and hailed the work he has done to make good on his campaign promises in a stemwinder Wednesday night at an arena filled with thousands of his still-loyal supporters. Construction has not begun. “I do wish we would have a little more help on North Korea”.With the appearance in Cedar Rapids, he has held five rallies in the first five months in office. “But that doesn’t seem to be working out”.On Tuesday, Mr Trump tweeted he had given upon getting help from Chinese President Xi Jinping on North Korea, after his efforts in coaxing Beijing to use its influence on Pyongyang. And, he laughed, “add some money to it!”Trump says at a campaign-style rally in Iowa: “I’ve been talking about a plan with heart. And this way Mexico will have to pay much less money”, Trump said.”A few votes from the Democrats, it could be so easy and so attractive”, Trump said, imagining an alternate reality.President Donald Trump walks on stage to speaks at Kirkwood Community College, which is recognized by the White House as a major center of agricultural innovation, during a visit to the campus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wednesday, J. Professor James Jordan listens second from right.$200 billion in federal funds to leverage investment in national infrastructure improvement has prompted rural groups to fight for broadband’s inclusion, arguing that such access is a 21st-century version of the electrification and water projects that brought prosperity to sparsely populated areas in the past.The president also emphasized the importance of training young people in new farming technologies to “usher in a new era of prosperity” for agriculture and America’s farming families.”We will protect the corn-based ethanol and biofuels that power our country”, he said.”We’re 5-0 in special elections”, Trump told the crowd.The president is speaking at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa the day after Republican Karen Handel’s victory in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District and Ralph Norman’s slim win in SC.He says: “This was a tough hand”. Terry Branstad, who was recently confirmed as the USA ambassador to China.The president also praised his administration’s succession from the Paris climate accord, job growth, new policy on Cuba, and appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, while criticizing the “fake news” outlets for not giving him credit for his accomplishments. Branstad was the longest-serving governor in the nation’s history.Kirkwood Community College, where Mr. Trump spoke, reportedly has the largest two-year agriculture program in the country.The president decried unfair trade practices he said are hurting US agriculture and said he’d defend the use of biofuels.He marveled at the machine and joked to the student who demonstrated it, “Don’t be nervous”. “They just want to obstruct”, Mr. Trump said.President Donald Trump is heading to the Midwest in search of his supporters’ warm embrace – and to celebrate a Republican congressional victory in an election viewed as an early referendum on his presidency.”Karen is going to be really incredible”, Trump said of the politician who beat Congressional staffer turned documentary filmmaker Jon Osoff in the race to finish out Tom Price’s term in Georgia’s 16th district.Trump opened his speech by congratulating the Republican, Karen Handel, on her victory.Trump, no stranger to victory laps, turned his visit to a battleground state he captured in November into a celebration of his resilience despite the cloud of investigations that has enveloped his administration and sent his poll numbers tumbling.