Trump calls Modi ‘true friend’, ahead of meet

He noted that in the RHC rally held in New Jersey in October past year, the then presidential candidate Trump had declared that India and the United States will be best friends and this meeting is “just the start of that”. In what could be an apparent reference to China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, Modi noted that following the global rules has always been India’s tradition and culture.He also promised to the Indian American community that he will fulfil their dreams of India’s development.Modi, who arrived in the USA on Sunday, will hold summit talks with Trump on Monday afternoon in the White House.Speaking ahead of the visit, India’s Ambassador to the US, Navtej Sarna, said that Prime Minister Modi and President Trump would discuss crucial issues such as counter-terrorism, security and cyber security. The US may also want India to trim import tariff and both the sides would seek greater market access. The US-India Business Council (USIBC) president Mukesh Aghi said the CEOs praised the reforms being undertaken by the Prime Minister and underscore his efforts to make India a business-friendly destination. But, not a single country questioned India’s surgical strike against the terrorist launchpads in Pakistan (last year).Modi to push Startup India and collaboration with U.S. companies. “We have succeeded in conveying to the world the deleterious effects of terrorism on India”. “Not just U.S. but politicians from all over the world identify me by these events in America”, PM Modi said while thanking the Indian diaspora for its sustained support over the years.Analysts said Monday’s meeting at the White House would give Modi the chance to size up a United States leader whose focus has so far been on ties with India’s regional rival China. The two leaders would spend several hours together in various settings including one-on-one and delegation-level meetings, a reception and a working dinner.”The meeting between the two leaders is very significant, obviously, because the new administration’s policies towards Asia and particularly India, are not very clear”, said Sujit Datta, foreign policy specialist at New Delhi’s Jamia Millia Islamia University.Some commentators say the two leaders should have a natural affinity as political outsiders who have risen to power in part by castigating the traditional ruling elite on a nationalist platform. “[There’s a] real opportunity for Modi and Trump it reach strategic convergence on Middle East, where our interests are increasingly aligning”, said James Jay Carafano, Heritage Foundation’s senior national security expert.”Without chemistry, there is no physics”, one Indian official said.After eight years of Obama administration’s internationalist and ideology-driven foreign policy, Monday’s meeting offers both leaders the opportunity to reset the bilateral ties on the basis of mutual and national interests.”. The President and the Prime Minister will discuss ongoing cooperation, including counterterrorism, defence partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, global cooperation, burden-sharing, trade, law enforcement, and energy. Prime Minister Modi’s visit provides an opportunity once again to press India for results”, the lawmakers said in the letter dated June 23.