Trump launches apprenticeship program, promises ‘great,’ ‘high-paying’ jobs

“We’re training people to have great jobs and high paying jobs”, Trump said during a ceremony at the White House before signing the order.”The President will be calling on businesses across the country to embrace apprenticeships and we do not expect that call to go unanswered”, one official said.But apprenticeships are just one slice of a much larger workforce development pie. Among other goals, the committee has been tasked with how best to bring industry into the quality-control and oversight side of federally recognized apprenticeships, which have a required educational component and typically last more than two years. Together with the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA), the NRAEF launched the Hospitality Sector Registered Apprenticeship project.Trump’s budget would cut federal money for job training by 40 percent next year.He said that he has been pushing for decades to get these training opportunities extended into high schools, the way they are in countries like Germany and Switzerland, but that his efforts have been roundly defeated by those concerned that job-skills programs limit certain students’ options.It did not take long for President Trump to get to business upon his arrival in Milwaukee Tuesday afternoon.The shortages for specifically trained workers cut across multiple job sectors beyond construction trades. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and Trump’s special adviser, daughter Ivanka Trump, have said this week that apprenticeship programs are a way to equip workers will the necessary training so these jobs don’t remain unfilled.That’s where apprenticeship comes in.A new executive order from the Trump administration-issued Thursday and meant to scale back regulations and increase grant amounts for apprenticeship programs-could lead to an expanded restaurant workforce.Apprenticeship Carolina, a state-run program, develops apprenticeship programs for employers at no cost for them.He said he really likes the phrase, “Earn while you learn”.The round table included students, some of Wisconsin’s biggest business leader and officials including the superintendent of the Waukesha School District to discuss the importance of apprenticeship programs. At the school, Haban learned to be a machinist for LDI Industries, which makes hydraulic components and lubricating equipment.Apprenticeships are few and far between.White House officials have pointed to 6 million job openings across the United States-the highest level since 1980, it says-and the 8.4 percent U-6 unemployment rate as illustrative of the skills gap in action. The Executive Order will streamline the administrative processes of the current program by shifting the certification from the Department of Labor to industry, which is well equipped to set standards since they know what their companies and workforces need.”Scaling is the big issue”, said Robert Lerman, a fellow at the Urban Institute.McCarthy said possible problems with relaxing and outsourcing federal standards for apprenticeships include confusion, fragmentation and potentially registering programs that are too short term or that fail to yield portable credentials.To achieve that goal, his administration would need to increase the current number of active apprenticeships in the USA nearly 10-fold – from 505,371 in the last quarter of 2016, according to the Department of Labor – in just five years.Obama’s budget in 2016 appropriated $90 million for apprenticeships and Congress under Trump’s administration is expected to appropriate $95 million for 2017, CNBC reported.Acosta said Monday that the policy would revolve around encouraging more partnerships between business and schools rather than increasing the $90 million the federal government now devotes to apprenticeships.