Trump nominates Jets owner Woody Johnson as ambassador to Britain

Donald Trump will nominate National Football League team owner Woody Johnson as United States ambassador to Britain, the White House has said.If Johnson is nominated and approved by the senate, his younger brother, Christopher Johnson, 58, will assume the role of chairman and CEO of the Jets, the team announced.The President first suggested his plans to nominate Johnson in January.But the Trump administration is behind on filling key jobs. “His patriotism and commitment to our country have always been a passion of his”, Christopher Johnson said, via a team press release.The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010, but owner Woody Johnson is in line for a promotion.In addition to owning the Jets franchise, he is also heir to Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceutical firm founded by his great grandfather, where his father served as the president for the company.President Barack Obama’s ambassadors to Britain, Lois Susman and later Matthew Barzun, were also wealthy donors and fundraisers for his respective presidential campaigns.Woody Johnson was rumored to be the “leading candidate” for the USA ambassador to the United Kingdom position back in December although he initially supported Jeb Bush in the election, according to the New York Post.Read: Who Will Be Ambassador To Russia?Ms McCourt was co-owner and chief executive of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team until 2009.