Trump reveals details of second Putin meeting, says it lasted 15 minutes

President Trump has condemned media revelations of the talks as “sick”.The two leaders’ relationship is under scrutiny amid allegations of Russian interference in the USA election.The Judiciary Committee is probing attempts by Russian Federation to influence last year’s United States presidential election. Trump has denied any collusion. Only Trump and Putin, as well as a Russian translator, know what was said.Thus the apparently impromptu discussion between the two men at the G20 dinner inevitably raises many questions. Initially I thought the rumors that Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on the bed in which former President Barack Obama had reportedly slept was amusing.The length of the talks has been disputed. The two presidents spoke for around an hour, accompanied only by Putin’s translator. “There is a large majority in our conference that want to demonstrate to the American people that they intend to keep the commitment they made in four straight elections to repeal Obamacare”, said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. National Security Council spokesman Michael Anton tried to dismiss it entirely: “A conversation over dessert should not be characterized as a meeting”.Is Melania Trump the HOTTEST first lady ever?The dinner and its attendees have always been known.It has not been confirmed what Putin and Trump discussed as relations remain strained between Russian Federation and the US. We all knew about the initial scheduled session with the Russian strongman, but we were not aware of a second meeting at this global conference until it was disclosed by Eurasia Group President Ian Bremmer yesterday.”There’s a conversation to be had, but we all have to work toward the same goal, which is lower cost and more people, not less people, being enrolled in insurance in this country, [and] I’m skeptical that Mitch McConnell is ready to do that”. “He said, ‘Absolutely not'”.Disclosures about the Trump Tower meeting have intensified concerns over what U.S. intelligence services say was a concerted campaign by Russian Federation to sway the 2016 election.Trump’s son Donald Jr agreed to the meeting after being told by e-mail that he would be given damaging information about Hillary Clinton, their Democratic opponent, as part of an effort by the Russian government to support Trump.In video interview with Russian state-funded news network RT on Tuesday, Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya – another individual who is confirmed to have been in attendance at the June 9 meeting – is willing to testify in front of the Senate.Veselnitskaya offered to testify before the panel in order to “clarify” what was discussed at the meeting, “but only through lawyers or testifying in the Senate”, she said, according to USA Today.U.S. President’s son Donald Trump Jr. and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will testify before the Senate judiciary committee on July 26.