U.S. can not confirm Daesh leader Baghdadi’s death

While Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters on Tuesday that it had “confirmed information” that Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed, ISIS itself has also not released any statements as they have when high-profile militants have been killed in the past.”We take any report of this nature with a large dose of salt”, said Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump. Washington said it could not corroborate the death and Western and Iraqi officials have been sceptical.There have been persistent reports that al-Baghdadi has died in recent months. But SOHR has been reputed to have a credible track record of reporting on the Syrian conflict.On June 16, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Baghdadi might have been among a group of terrorist leaders attending a so-called Daesh military council, and killed in a Russian strike of Syria’s militant-held city of Raqqah, which serves as the terrorists’ de facto capital in Syria, on May 28.Last month, Russian Federation claimed it had likely killed Baghdadi in an airstrike on a southern suburb of Daesh’s Syrian capital, Raqqah.Last month, al-Baghdadi went into hiding after the United States offered a $25 million reward to anyone able to bring him to justice.Baghdadi’s death, if confirmed, would come as one of the biggest blows to the jihadist group which is rapidly losing territories in Iraq and Syria.This announcement follows the complete recapture of Mosul by the Iraqi armies, declared by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday.